Please click 'submit testimonial' (below) to start raving about your experience. It would be extremely helpful to our visitors (just think back to how skeptical you were after a bad hosting experience elsewhere), and all of us here at Acenet sure do love reading these. Thank you so much, fans!

A shared purpose has united all of us here at Acenet, and that purpose is to eliminate the worry, stress and frustration from your life that all too often burdens other webmasters. Seeing you enjoy an easy, fun and rewarding evening with your website is what all of us are passionate about.

It's really a perception -- a shared way of seeing the purpose behind what all of us do each and every day. It's hard to express in sound bites, because our competitors make all the same claims. "Your website will be lightning-fast, perfectly reliable and support is out of this world." Surely you have seen these cliches again and again.

In the most simple of terms, you will enjoy a smooth experience at Acenet.

None of us really even know exactly how the Acenet culture came to be, it just happened. No individual was responsible for it; it was a team of talents... rallying together behind an unspoken purpose in perfect harmony. If the exact formula was known to us, riches could probably be made selling it to other companies -- because they're still searching for the answer.

It more than likely boils down to everyone truly caring, and caring about all the right things for all the right reasons.

Whatever it is, its presence will become obvious soon after we start working together. You'll sense it.

Until then, the next best way to get a feel for it is by hearing how it has touched others. And hopefully their stories motivate you to experience it for yourself, because you could be spared untold oodles of emotional grief. (You should hear some of the pains others have suffered before stumbling upon us. Sadly hosting is a completely unregulated industry. Buyer beware.)

And know this: if your experience is anything short of "breathtaking" (that's how Jenny Cassar put it into words), Acenet doesn't deserve your business. You'll either be glad you allowed us the opportunity to serve you (and we'll be working together for years to come) or we'll say our goodbyes -- after returning your full payment and doing everthing possible to make your departure a pleasant one -- and you'll walk away knowing Acenet is a class-act. That's our pledge to you.


December 22nd, 2011
Thank you for the never ending prompt response from your staff. Great job, Keep it up!!

Jfam Synergy (
December 8th, 2011
Webhosts are a dime-a-dozen. acenet no different in that regard. Where they stand apart is their service quality & customer service. They keep everything working with very few interruptions, and whenever there's a problem they are very quick to respond to your inquiry, sometimes within a few minutes. Even if it's 3AM on monday morning. (true story)

I could argue they have the best customer service overall, of any company I've ever dealt with. That is NOT a statement I make lightly, but then again most "big" companies (banks, cell providers, or even big hosts like godaddy) just don't care about their customers... and it shows. But, these guys do. (and it shows!)

You may find cheaper, but you won't find better.

Russell Jennings (
November 21st, 2011
Customer Service is tremendous. Very fast, effective and helpful. Service is consistant. Thank you for all of your services! - A1 Elite Solutions, LLC.

Strategic Partnerships Alliance, LLC (
November 21st, 2011
I've been hosting with you for many years now and on the few occasions I've had to contact you regarding a problem the response has always been rapid and relevant. This time, the problem wasn't down to you but your tech gave me the information I needed to approach a third party, and the problem was fixed in no time. Well done and thank you!

Karen Edwards (
November 20th, 2011
During the last month I have painted myself into several cyber corners.
Not having much time I neglected to testify to the brilliant help your tech staff have afforded me.
I can not praise them enough.
Thank all of you

Terris Temple (tibetcolor)
November 11th, 2011
Not only do I get a reply very fast to every question I ever asked (and there has been many over the years), but you are always courteous and explain things well. You do a fantastic job.

Annica Glenn (
November 8th, 2011
AMAZING customer support. I am so pleased with Acenet. File a support ticket, and they respond almost immediately. I will never leave them and I will recommend Acenet to others.
Thanks Guys!

Brock Johnson (
November 4th, 2011
Best support team ever!

It's not only that they are ultra-fast to reply to each and every request, it's also the way they do it. Once upon a time, I had a site with a script that was causing trouble displaying some information, after exhausting all possible incompatibilities server-side, the support team went on to check my entire site and traced the problem back to a misbehaving script that I wrote!

Simply the best hosting company out there!

Guillermo de la Maza (
October 28th, 2011
Mason Whitlark is the most patient amazing tech help I have ever had. Poor guy had to get me, totally blonde in all matters computer, and step by step walked me through hours of detail. Thank you so much - I have to say you guys are awesome!

debra (mightykismet)
October 28th, 2011
The tech support is just awesome. I really appreciate the quick and thorough responses. It really helps this not so technical guy!!

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